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Thursday, April 20, 2006

I am super proud of the layout I did yesterday. You can check it out here:

April 19 (Chasing Moonbeams)

In other news, Maxton has been driving me CRAZY lately. Everytime I tell him to stop doing something, he repeats under his breath, "I'm not doing anything to you." If I tell him too many times, he starts with the yelling of it. Kind of funny in his little grovely voice, but I'm done. I feel like I have a teenager. I am FED UP.

Well, yesterday I decided that if he says it, no warnings, he is sitting on the naughty chair everytime. We had 6 time outs yesterday morning. He finally seems to be getting it. He said it once while we were at Barnes and Noble, where we went to play with the trains with my sister Melissa and her two kids.

We've been doing time-outs for a while where he goes in his room to calm down. He comes out and says, "I happy now." Even in the morning when he first wakes up, that's the first thing he says to me, lol. But recently I haven't been so good with the discipline and he was getting a mouth. So, time to be consistent. My kitchen is getting really clean, because I do the dishes while he sits on the chair! It's amazing how much cleaning you can do in 2 minutes.

Speaking of yesterday, we went to Fazoli's for lunch. I got what I always get, the parmisan chicken. Anyway, while we were there, poor Hyrum got wedged in the back of a chair, between the bars at about waist level. Well, he started screaming, so Melissa and I rushed over there and started trying to get him unwedged. She had his bod and I was twisting the chair all around. Meanwhile, Hyrum is SCREAMING and Melissa and I can't stop laughing. We got it up around his neck, but his head wouldn't fit! Oh, he was so mad when we had to put his arms back through. Eventually we got him seperated from the chair. Afterwards, the manager came over to see if everything was ok (and probably to prevent a lawsuit). Anyway, we were still laughing about it on the way home. Poor Hyrum!
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