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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Family Photos

Yesterday we took some family photos. I just love this one of my three boys. I love how the two older ones are each holding one of Griffin's hands. I love how green the grass it. I love how Xander's arm is slung across Griffin's shoulder. But most of all, I just love it because I love them so much. Being a mom is all I hoped it would be. I can't tell you how much joy these little people bring me. They also push me to my limits. Sometimes I wonder how we'll ever raise them--most days I'd be happy if they'd just stop hitting each other and stepping on Griffin by accident while he's crawling. They also keep me roaring with laughter. I never expected them to be so quirky, to say and do such cute things. They also leave me shaking my head. For example, yesterday I actually had to mop THE WALL in our kitchen because it was so bad. Anyway, I should really go to class and stop rambling about motherhood. . . Posted by Picasa
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