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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

He's Catching Up

I took this photo of Maxton and Xander the other day after they went swimming. It totally cracks me up. They are built so differently, and they are both so stinkin' cute. Maxton now weighs more than Xander! Well, you can see where he keeps it! He has such a big belly and such a little bum that it's a wonder his pants stay up at all! Xander has the same problem, but for the opposite reason. He's so skinny everywhere they that won't stay up. Griffin is built like a beanpole, just like his oldest brother. I love looking at the similarities and differences in my kids. It's amazing to think they all came from the same two people.

Almost everytime we go out as a family, people ask if Max and Xander are twins. I can understand it. Max is pretty big for his age and Xander is about average. But it does get a little old to explain every time that they are 14.5 months apart. So, I told David I'm just going to start saying yes. Much simplier that way. Except that I can't make myself do it. I still go through the whole explaination! Posted by Picasa
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