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Friday, February 23, 2007

Nothing much new is going on around here. I did get my first copy of my book and a friend called from Archivers to tell me that they were in the store! WOW! Makes me a bit queasy; hopefully it will sell really well. I'm so happy with the way it turned out. What a massive project though. Looking through the book, well, it makes me tired thinking about all that work! But so worth it.

My project with is going well too. I have so much fun filming these episodes! You can check them out here: Nth Degree. They are just so much fun to do!!

The boys are doing well. We've all been sick and Maxton is still very, very cranky. In fact, he's standing in the corner right now because he hit Xander and he won't appologize. Poor kid. He was the sickest out of all of us--we've had horrible colds. For days, he just laid around, not eating and not really doing much of anything besides sleeping. He's better, but his happy personality has not returned.

David sprained his ankle on Tuesday playing basketball with the young men, but it's on the mend. He's thinking about going to play tomorrow with our ward team, but I'm thinking that's a bad idea. I'll have to distract him with a movie or something. :-D

We had another ultrasound yesterday, this time with the OB not the ultrasound tech, and he thinks it's still a girl. He had a lot of fun trying to scare us. We've had a lot of fun buying her clothes! She better stay a girl. ;)
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  1. Don't ya just love church ball? My DH used to come home all the time asking for the bag of corn from the freezer to use as an ice pack! He was injured so many times! Man, I'm glad he works evenings now so he can rarely play!


  2. So, I'm sitting here in my pjs with the flu, feeling miserable and I decide to check your blog. I clicked the CX link and wholy cow! I just watched all the episodes of the Nth degree... how much fun! you are super talented and I really need to try some of those ideas! Anyhow, thanks for making a sick, yucky day a little brighter!


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