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Friday, May 25, 2007

Still no baby, but Griffin is cracking me up!

So, Griffin is turning into such a character! I mean, he's always made us laugh with his amazingly accurate facial expressions since he was a baby, but now, it's constant hilarity. This kid is sharp. He does NOT miss a single thing. He knows what is what. For instance, you cannot get away with giving something to one of his brothers and not give one to him. He also knows that any crinkling sounds means candy and he will come running, yelling, "Candy! Candy!" He also refuses to do things differently from his brothers. Yesterday we went to Grandma's for a little while and walking there and back, he wanted to run and keep up with them. No hand holding for him and forget about a wagon or stroller. He insists he can do everything they can do.

Another thing he does is call everyone by name. So cute! Last night I was putting him in bed, and I handed him his stuffed tiger and he looks up at me, grins and says, "Thank you, Mommy." Just melt your heart adorable. He's always saying thank you and if you thank him, he will say, "You're welcome, Mommy." He also loves to come wake me up in the morning, play with me for a little while, then when he wants to take off, it's "Bye, Mommy. Bye Mommy." He's so darn cheerful. If there's something he doesn't want to do, he'll yell at you, "No. Thank you!" and run off. Cracks me up. I'll tell him, "Griffin, time to change your diaper." "No! Thank you!" and off he takes.

He's also discovered colors. Mostly yellow. Anytime he notices the color of something, he calls it yellow. He did this thing for a while where he'd go around saying, "Yellow-blue. Yellow-blue," but that's mostly passed now. He's slowly learning the other colors, but we don't push it too hard, since he's got a 50% chance of being colorblind (all my boys have that chance, but so far Max and Xander doen't seem to be, although Max will occasionally mix up his colors, but not in any regular way).

Just a few minutes ago, Griffin was standing on a upturned bucket. I told him he'd better be careful or he'd fall, and the ham starts waving his arms around and swaying and saying, "Woah, woah, woah!" just to tease me. Silly kid.
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  1. Aren't kids just so cute? They totally make you smile with the little things they do! Sending labor vibes your way! =)


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