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Monday, June 25, 2007

Just sharing some photos (and layouts)

This layout was done for my Paper Posies design team. Love the June kit! Then again, I love all their kits. :) Griffin is just so expressive, especially when he's upset. He's got a repertoire of sad faces.

This layout was from a photo taken a year ago; gosh, time just flies. I love it when the boys play together nicely. (You can click the layouts to make them larger.)

Griffin trying out some cold weather gear. I swear, he looks ready to rob a bank. He likes to wear it around and say, "Rarrr."

Max today. He made lots of goofy faces for the camera.

My sleeping angel, in an over-powering cloud of pink. What can I say, I love pink! She's also loosing her hair on top. We call this the "little old man" stage at our house. Pretty soon, she'll be totally bald. I love how she sleeps with her hands over her head. Max used to do the same thing.
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  1. I really like these layouts. Did you know that LuAnn or Connie printed these out and gave them to Gramma Jensen? Love ya, Dad.


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