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Saturday, June 02, 2007

We are so spoiled!

Holy cow, if I'd known having a girl would bring out everyone I know, I would have done it sooner. ;) Seriously, people have been so kind to us and I'm so touched by everyone's generosity. My sweet Aunt Angie had my three rambunctious boys for two days and then brought them back to us (a two hour drive). Two of my other aunts came down with her--that's them on the right, Angie, Darla and Judy, aren't they gorgeous?--and they cleaned my house so that when I got home from the hospital, it was clean, down to a wet kitchen floor! I can't tell you how nice that was. Then, the ward has been bringing in meals. I've actually never had anyone do that for me with a new baby before, and we are stocked up. I won't have to go grocery shopping until late next week, what with leftovers, and I won't have to cook until then either, not that I cook much. My aunts also stocked up the freezer before they left and my sweet neighbor who lives upstairs and is getting married this week too the time to bring us a freezer meal too, complete with fresh rolls, juice and a salad. My good friend Clarice dropped off a care package, filled to the brim with girly scrapbook supplies and candy (yum!). My former Young Woman's leader brought us dinner, a gift for the baby and an embossing template for my Cuttlebug (ok, word is out that I'm scrapbook obsessed!). My aunt also brought a gift, the cutest little outfit and a doll for Aubrey. I feel totally spoiled.

My parents got home from Hawaii this morning and after being up all night on the plane, they stopped by to see Aubriana before heading home to bed. Oh, it was so nice to see them and I know they were anxious to see their 6th grandchild. Mostly we just sat around, staring at her. She's just so delicate. Everything about her is dainty. She has the tiniest little bum I've ever seen; the hospital sent us home with preemie diapers because she's so small! They don't hold very much at all, and she's an eater, so she wets through them so quickly. I have to be careful to change her before I feed her. Anyway, my parents looked tired, but it sounded like Hawaii was a blast. I can't wait to hear more about their trip.

Lots of people have asked how the boys are adjusting; I'm surprised at how well they are doing. We've had a little more crankiness than normal (probably the result of having WAY too much fun at Aunt Angie's house), but they love their sister. Xander wants to hold her all the time and show her his toys, and he's been pretending to have a baby that's his. He keeps asking me to feed her (his pretend baby), since we've also been having lots of conversations about breastfeeding. Max is indifferent, pretty much. He likes her, but he has his own life, but he'll stop to talk to her if he notices we're holding her. He also says her name so cutely! I love how he says it, very precise, but still such a little boy voice. Griffin is the one that's surprised me the most. I thought we might have some jealousy issues with him. Yep, we do. He doesn't want us to hold her; he wants to hold her! He calls her "my baby, 'Nana" and wants to hold her and touch her and give her binkis all the time. It's pretty cute.

I'm hanging in there. I'm determined to take it easier with this one and so far I have. David's been great. In fact, he's at the park with Xander and Maxton playing T-ball right now, so I can rest while Griffin and Aubriana are sleeping. I'm mostly just tired. After Griffin was born, I was covered in bruises, but hers was a pretty easy delivery. I'm mostly just tired, especially since I'm not getting hardly any sleep at night. She's a really mellow baby though, she doesn't get upset--the most I've heard from her is one protesting squawk at a time! She's just an angel.
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  1. She is such a cutie! I am glad that you are getting so much help! That is wonderful.

  2. She is beautiful.... congratulations!

    I just had an odd moment.... I know your aunt Judy! She used to be our landlord a few years ago! She was so awesome, and I was SO sad to leave her. If you don't mind, next time you see her, will you tell her that Heather Taylor says hello? I wanted to stop and say hi about a month ago, but I noticed that the house was for sale and it looked like there were different owners.

    Anyway... sorry about that random tangent! Your new little one is precious... I bet it's so nice to have all that pink after all the blue! Congrats! :)

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I am so happy to hear that everything is going so well and that you've gotten so many help. That's awesome!


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