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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just sharing some photos (with the inevitable commentary)

Griffin, why does he have that binki in his mouth? He supposed to only use one while sleeping. I started this hose-fight. It was hot!Xander, spraying the hose. Notice how he's not even looking at the water. :)
Griffin and Max splashing in the puddle on the sidewalk that always forms just right there. Usually, we try to avoid it.
Griffin looking quite pleased with being wet. Also notice Xander running away in the background.
She's waving hi in this one. Also, there are spit bubbles. She's getting drooly and likes to lick thinks, like shirt shoulders and forearms. If I hold her facing outward, I get copious amounts of drool down my arm. But isn't she sweet? We're thinking she'll probably have blue eyes, but more like the gray-blue of Maxton's.
Maxton, looking quite pleased with himself. My SIL said that in this photo, he looks like the Henry side and I agree. Such a handsome dude!
Aww, she is just so cute! She's getting cubby. I love this blanket my MIL made for her. She really thinks the camera is bizarre. Everytime I get it out, she looks at it like it's some alien object, which I'm sure it is to her.
Here are Griffin and Maxton. After a spell of hating to have his picture taken, he has lapsed into wanting his picture taken all the time, usually with Griffin or Aubriana.
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  1. Cute, cute pictures, as always! I love seeing a girl mixed in there with all the boys. :) So, the burning question is did you get wet in the water fight?

  2. Yep, wet, but not too wet. Just the right amount. :)


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