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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My child has been taken over by aliens bent on the destruction of my house.

I am at the end of my rope.

I don't know what's gotten into Griffin, but suddenly, he's a tornado of destruction. So far today:

Climbed the gate into my room, where he got out Daddy's tools and sprayed his sister with throat spray. Also used laundry as a "slide."

Bathroom, where he opened the child-protective door knob with ease. He used the liquid soap and unwound a whole thing of dental floss.

In the kitchen, he dumped on the floor a nearly new package of baby carrots that Maxton had been snacking on.

The living room, where he destroyed two scrapbook pages. Moving the scrapbooks was LITERALLY ON MY TO DO LIST. Luckily, they weren't great pages, but my goodness!

The child locks on the under-sink cupboard, where he got my Costco-sized, nearly new Cascade and dumped the entire thing out in the living room, which he proceeded to get in his eyes--he was ok after a good rinsing. He also dumped the basket of shoes out and took down all the hanging shirts in his closet (I have no idea how he gets that high, I think he's standing on the diaper pail) and broke 4-5 plastic hangers.

Yesterday, he broke three bowls by pushing his high chair over to the upper cabinets in the pantry where we keep the dishes.

He's napping now. I'm sure this day will be really funny in a few years, but right now, I just want to lock him in his room! I don't know what to do, because he's not old enough for punishment, he'll be two in October, and he breezes through the child proofing and it's not like I'm somewhere with the door closed or not checking on them every few minutes. I was organizing my scrap room while most of this happened and I can usually hear whatever they are getting into, but I guess he's learned to be silent.

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  1. Girl I could have wrote almost the same post! Aidan is the same way and he is 4, he just started this kind of behavor. We decided this past weekend to take all the toys out of their room because he kept dumping out all the toy boxes. So far so good and the room has stayed clean, but he still has a habit of climbing the cabinets, dumping food on the floor (I just spent hours carpet cleaning on Monday and there are already spots) and they list could go on and on, funny story is our vacuum was doing the same thing, so we went to walmart and got one that was on sale for $37, well we got it home and took it out of the box and the thing was so tiny lol, so now we have to take it back (eyeroll) and get another (regular sized one lol). Hang in there girl, you are totally not alone, This summer certainly has been challenging for me with 3 lol, I can't wait for school to start LOL ;)


  2. I so feel your pain! Maddy can be like that on some days, too. Thankfully, she doesn't dare climb over the baby gate in the kitchen (but she can open the fridge lock). Her vice seems to be the bathroom which we can't really try to lock her out since Hyrum needs to be able to get in there with ease. Hopefully this is a short lived stage for The Griffinator!

  3. Poor Mommy, don't you hate those days? Darcy was such an easy kid to childproof against but now she is much wiser and Parker is so big and strong that as a team they're a real terror.


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