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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We're pretty much the same around here

We're just putting along as usual lately. Griffin has become less of a terror (although he was sick yesterday). In fact, because he's sick, I've been enjoying him sleeping a lot more. The obvious downside to this is that I have to clean up puke. Actually, it's not that bad of a trade off. He's feeling better today, but this morning, he got up after sleeping for 13 hours (yay!) at 6:30 (not yay). However, as soon as David left for work, he came and crawled into bed with me and fell asleep again (awwww). He took a nap in there the other day while I was reading. If he does it again, I'll make sure to get a photo. I would have gotten one this morning, but I was too tired after getting up with Aubrey two times and the light wasn't great and my camera battery is dead.

Anyway, here are so photos from last week at the Discovery Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. This is what we did for Labor Day.

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  1. I KWYM Kara, when Charlie is sick, it's almost a break for me! He'll sit still for a while! Though I detest cleaning up puke or diahrrea, sometimes it's just nice when he needs me and will slow down a bit, you know? :)


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