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Monday, September 24, 2007

Xander's Art

Xander got a new box of crayons today and that is what he drew. I'm pretty impressed. The first is Pengu (a TV character who is a penguin), the second is a snail and a radio playing music and the third is "Barney and Friends" of course.

He's also keeping an accurate countdown of days until his 5th birthday. Today there are four more days, as I've heard several times. He has invited lots of people to his party, including my friend Natalie, my visiting teachers and his primary teacher. Never mind that we are only doing a family party this year! :P
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  1. I have art work of my grandson on my frig. I love looking at it every day. Glad to see you share theirs.

  2. I see a future Picasso here! His new crayons did a wonderful job


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