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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Xander's Birthday

I can't believe my little boy is five already! Cliche, but true. He's growing into such a little man.

He's really into dinosaurs right now, so his party was a dinosaur theme. Here are a few photos.

I made the cake. Apparently, I was under the impression that a stegosaurus and a brachiosaurus needed a love child. Oh well, Xander loved it, despite that fact that it was nowhere near anatomically correct for a stegosaurus. Live and learn.

After pizza and cake and ice cream, we went to Chuck E. Cheese, which the boys loved. Aubriana was so cute even, she was just entranced with everything and smiling the whole time before falling asleep on Grandpa's lap. We even scored 798 tickets, a record for us, almost all won by David and me on one very fun game, which involved tracing your finger along a path before the time ran out. Good times.
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  1. Anonymous7:30 PM

    WOW!! What a cake!! and what a cutie pie your little man is too!! Happy Birthday to Xander!

  2. I hope he had a great birthday! Your dinosaur was awesome! I am surprised that you were not more knowledgeable about dinos!!!! LOL

  3. Cool cake! If you hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed it wasn't right...girls and dinosaurs, you know. It could have had dragon wings and I wouldn't have batted an eye. Happy birthday, Xander!!


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