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Monday, October 29, 2007

Welcome Baby Miles!

I got to go to the hospital this evening and be there for the birth of my little nephew, Miles. I am already in love with him. He is just soooo sweet! He's a total blondy, I've never seen a newborn with such blonde hair. He even has blonde eyebrows. He's also very fair skinned.

I was telling Melissa that I thought he would weigh 7 lbs 11 oz just a few hours before he was born and I was right on the money! Not sure how long he is, I left before they measured him. He also has a dimple in his chin, like Melissa and my mom. He arrived at 7:47 pm.

Poor Melissa had kind of a hard time. The epidural didn't take all the way and she was in quite a bit of pain. Luckily, she didn't have to push much, only 6 minutes.

Anyway, he's just too cute for words. Here's a pic to prove it!

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