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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Beautiful Christmas

I am so filled with the Christmas spirit, even the day after. We had a truly beautiful Christmas. We were able to go to David's brother's house last Saturday, where we enjoyed pizza, football and a white elephant gift exchange. It was pretty funny stuff. Griffin ended up with a George W. Bush mask. I'll have to take pictures of him in it sometime.

Christmas Eve we spent having fondue at my parent's house. It was the first time in a while that all of our family was under the same roof. I forget how much I miss my two younger brothers until they show up. I just love being around them and they really spice up our conversations.

I didn't sleep much on Christmas Eve, with all four of the kids in the room with us. I kept expecting Aubriana to wake up and want to eat and since there was no clock in the room, I had no idea what time it was. Plus, I made the mistake of wearing long-sleeved pj's and I was too warm. The bed was comfy though!

We woke up Christmas morning to Xander going to sneak upstairs to see if Santa had come. He'd gone maybe five steps before David popped out of bed and stopped him. I got some pictures of my little Christmas Prison Cons/Candy Canes before we headed upstairs.Then the kids spent some time looking at what Santa brought. I took these pictures, then didn't pick up my camera again until afternoon.
Then late morning, we drove to Ogden to see my great grandma who is 101. We were lucky to get there without any mishaps; we saw a total of 4 wrecks on the way there. We really enjoyed visiting with her and eating all the yummy food, including my favorite rolo cookies. YUM!

Aubriana had fun too! She is so happy. She's started doing this thing where she nods, very enthusiastically if you ask her a question. Her whole body gets involved. It's so cute.

And lastly, a picture of her snug in her car seat, ready to go home.I got tons and tons of beading stuff, which is so exciting! I've already made three pairs of earrings, a necklace and a bracelet. This is going to be addicting! :)
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  1. Wow, I always thought your kids were cute from your siggy on 2peas, but geez, they're just ADORABLE.

    I LOVE those striped outfits. Where'd you get them? My sister in law bought some just like them for her son and I forgot to ask her.
    Maybe next year I can find some- they're the cutest Christmas pjs I've EVER seen.

  2. Thanks! They are tons of fun.

    We bought those at Kohl's. They are Carter's brand. It was so fun to have them all matching. :)

  3. very adorable pics Kara!

  4. Okay, so I really don't know you at all minus the pm I sent to you on CX about your date stamp, LOL. But I just had to say - those PJs are the cutest thing known to man! Your kids just make them EVEN cuter! Great pjs make even BETTER Christmas photos. ;-)

  5. Such cute kids, Kara! And how is Maxton 4 already? Good grief! That cake you made him was incredible, btw.


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