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Monday, January 28, 2008

She's a-growin'.

My goodness, how time flies. Aubriana is nearly 8 months old. She got her first tooth recently and the second one is just about ready to break through as well. She is also astonishly flexible. When the doctor checked her hips at her 6 month appointment, he commented that she is limber. David says that he knows that lots of babies chew on their toes, but she is the only one he knows of that does it without bending her legs. She will sit on our laps and do the splits and not even think twice about it.
David and I have been competing to see if she would say Mama or Dada first. Xander's first word was ball, followed by Dada, followed at last by Mama. Maxton also said Dada before Mama. Finally, Griffin said Mama first. So, we would sit with Aubriana and say, "Say mamamama," or "Say dadadada." David won. The other day she started saying "dadada." It's so cute! She will say it when she's wants someone to come to her. She also will say it if she wants to get my attention as well, so I don't feel too bad about it. Plus, they say that Dada is easier to say.

She is also starting to sit up for short periods. She is at my absolute favorite age. She is just a doll and so sweet.
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  1. Wow, she does look flexible! Those are beautiful pics of her!

  2. Love those pics of her! :) She is such a little doll! I can't wait to hear her say dadadada!

  3. she is adorable. Great pics too!


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