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Saturday, April 19, 2008

A bunch of pictures

Sorry it's been so long since I updated. Our internet went down for a while and in the middle, David and I went on a trip to Las Vegas, without the kids (thanks again, Mom and Melissa). David had a conference he had to go to, so his work paid for our gas to drive down, the hotel and David's food, so it was a opportunity we couldn't pass up. Mostly we walked around and ate a lot. We went to see Leatherheads, which was so good, very cute movie and the theater was HUGE and completely empty except for us. The next night, we went to Spamalot, basically the Broadway musical version of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That was the highlight of the trip! It was so hilarious. The songs were great and I'm going to download the soundtrack as soon as I get a chance. While David was at the conference, I staying in the room, relaxing, making jewelry and scrapbooking while watching reruns of America's Next Top Model.

On a related note, David is now a certified pricing professional, as he passed the test at the conference. That is great new and a great accomplishment and they said he did very well on the test.

The kids are good. I bought Xander a Spiderman addition and subtraction workbook at the dollar store the other day and he is quickly going through it. He's really good at addition and surprisingly good at subtraction as well. He can do anything under 20 now and he can count to over 100. I keep thinking any day now he'll be reading. He's got the sounds down and he can blend them together, but he sometimes has a hard time making the leap to understanding what the word is saying. I'm sure he'll get it soon. He recognizes tons of words and he'll sometime quiz me: "Mom, if you unscramble the letters T C A, what word will it make?" He does that with a pretty long list of words. Today, the kids brought in a basketball from the back yard and David was telling them to put it back, because it was the Clawson's (our next door neighbors). Xander pipes up, "What's a Clawson?" We got a good laugh out of that one.

Maxton is so hilarious. Lately he's been telling people, "I need privacy." The other day I heard him in the bathroom with Griffin, it went something like this:
M: I need privacy.
G: I need privacy too. (He has no idea what privacy is, btw.)
M: No, you have to go out, because I need privacy.
G: I don't want to go out. I need privacy.
M: (Starting to get mad.) No, I'm going potty, I need privacy.
This went on until I stepped in and made Griffin leave.

Griffin is a hoot. He's always climbing on me while I'm reading, saying, "You're a mountain, Mommy. I'm going to stand on you." He also calls me "Mommy" followed by a string of gibberish with a goofy look on his face. It'll will go something like "Mommy-go-bom-mommy-mommy." He also likes to tell jokes. "Mommy, I have a joke for you. Why did the eye cross the road?" I say I don't know. "because the head bumped the teeth." "Why did the book cross the road? Because bumped the fire fighter."

Aubriana is getting chubbier. She is eating tons of solids and is so cute about it. She will grab a piece of cereal in each hand and hold them up, so excited about it. She was also doing that with unopened tubs of fry sauce last night. She looks so proud of herself. She says "yay" and claps her hands (Aunt Melissa taught her that one). She does this all the time. It's very cute. She still isn't crawling, although she acts like she is going to start any second. I'm not in any rush really. :) Right now she kind of gets around by rolling, sitting up, then laying down. Poor thing is sick again, double ear infections, although this time we caught them early, so she's been sleeping much better this time around. This morning she woke up and her fever was gone--she was so happy and excited. It was nice to have her back. She's also started this thing where she sticks out her tongue and licks her bottom lip. She does it constantly.

To finish off, a bunch of pictures:Aubriana, making a mess for the first time. I left the wipes in her crib while she was napping, she found them and pulled a bunch out. I'm surprised that this is the first time it's happened. The first of many, I'm sure.

David and I playing the piano at FAO Schwarz's at Cesear's Palace in Las Vegas. That thing was fun! The only song I could remember: Mary Had a Little Lamb. We bought the kids presents there, but it was the last day and I was missing them so much, that I wished they could have been there. They have a huge wooden Trojan horse that comes out of the front of the store and it's three stories and so beautifully laid out. I noticed a sign on the way out forbidding photography. Ooops.

Aubrey in the bath tub. She loves baths.

Madolin, Maxton, Xander and Hyrum.

Maxton, Xander and Hyrum.

Xander and Hyrum.

This is actually an older picture of Aubrey (maybe taken in early March?), but it's too cute not to share.
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  1. Those pictures are all adorable, but I just had to say I love Xander's long-ish hair! It looks so cute on him!

  2. I love that piano pic! Your children are amazing, and so are you and David!


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