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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jay Turned 30

Last week was Jay's 30th birthday (he's married to my sister Melissa). She planned a huge surprise party for him and told enough lies to earn her a spot in Hades someday. :) I, on the other hand, slaved for two days to make a cake worthy of his Harley Davidson obsession. The party was great and the cake tasted great. It was worth the time I spent on it just to have the pictures. We are thinking of going down to the Harley Davidson shop with the pictures and seeing if they'll let us leave a flier for cake orders. Not sure I would even want to do that. We'll see. Anyway, below is the birthday boy and my niece, Maddy and below that is my cake.

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  1. Holy CRAP!

    Move over "Ace of Cakes". THIS ROCKS!

    I can't believe someone cut it...I would be putting it in some sort of glass display case.

  2. I think you'd need a whole team to take cake orders. They are freaking awesome cakes though! Thanks once again for making this for Jay. You ROCK!

  3. hi kara,

    i saw your link on melissa's blog and had to stop by and see if you had a picture of jay's cake - i was so very impressed when i saw it at the party! you are talented!!! i also saw the pic of hyrum's cake and i do think it is the cutest cake i've ever seen!!! just had to tell you once again how impressed i am with your cake making ability! WOW!


  4. Hey Kara,

    I also saw the link from Mel's blog. I think you are so talented! I was wondering if you'd be willing to make a cake for Mason's 3rd birthday this month. We'd need it Saturday May 24th. He loves airplanes, balls, anything! Let me know if you're interested, the price, any fun ideas you have, ect. Melissa can give you my number! Thanks!
    Beth (Jay's sis)

  5. Anonymous5:45 PM

    Be careful with licensing and trademark issues that might come up. It's so awesome, but it would be a huge bummer if you got slapped with fees for copying their trademarks.

  6. Holy cow, girl!! That is one AWESOME cake. :) Oh, and your glass project for CX is amazing. :) You rock the glass, girl!

  7. Kara! Did you seriously make that cake? I cannot believe it! How do you have so many talents? I am honestly blown away by that cake. Wow. Someday I want to be as cool as you.


  8. Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!
    I love how you are my-kind-a-picky!
    Everything you do is super awesome.
    Love ya!


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