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Friday, May 30, 2008

A Hodgepodge post

I wanted to update on the 2peas situation, since someone asked about it. For some reason, their server was blocking a slew of peas' IP addresses. It was seemingly random. After I talked to them, they told me to call my internet service provider, which I didn't do, because I knew it was on their end. A few days later, I could magically get on the site again. Spiffy. ;) Actually, I do really like it there. They like my cakes.

Yesterday, I was putting a bracelet on Aubriana, standard procedure for whenever we leave the house or I get her a new outfit. She looked up at me and said, "Bracelet," and held out her wrist. I could not believe it! She enunciated each letter too. I got her to say it later at Melissa's house, so I'm not crazy and she's said it more than once. It's sooooo cute! She loves her pretty bracelets.

The other day I heard Maxton and Xander playing. Xander was proposing some exciting senario involving dinosaurs. Maxton was more skeptical. He said, "I don't think we have the experience for that." Brawhahaha!

In other news, here's a recent clip of Griffin being a total goofball. I just learned how to do this. Yay!
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