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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Photos from Griffin's PAR-TAY!

We had Griffin's party last Saturday, but I'm just now getting around to uploading photos. It was pretty fun. Here he is opening a Power Ranger's movie:Now for his cake antitics. Sometimes I wish I could see inside that boy's head. I have not a clue what he was thinking.

Covering the eyes:
Sticking his tongue in his cheek:
Trying to blow out the candles:
Daddy finally steps in a pretends to help and we finally get them blown out:
The party people. Miles and Aubriana were sleeping. Or maybe Miles was up, but not in the picture (Hyrum, Maddy, Griffin, Xander and Maxton):
For his birthday, he got two Power Ranger movies, two Power Rangers action figures, a Cars puzzle, Legos, and the Leapfrog fridge letter magnets.
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  1. He is so cute!! Love the photo of daddy helping sweet! And once again AMAZING cake!!

  2. happy Birthday Griffin!

    SOOOOO cute Kara. The cake is amazing!

  3. That is one big doggie cake! Looks like they had a great time.


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