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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A few funnies. . .

I love this one from Griffin. I was helping him get dressed the other morning in a polo shirt. He wiggles into it, then indicating the buttons, he said, "Can you do the finishing touch?" I laughed a little and then he told me, "The finishing touch means the buttons." Yeah, I caught that one. I was laughing so hard I almost couldn't do the button.

Also, the other day, Maxton asked me, "Does Santa exist?" What kind of almost 5-year-old phrases it that way? I think through my series of wily questions, his doubts were put to rest. I also told him that Santa won't come if he doesn't believe. That pretty much sewed up his belief for now.
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  1. I could totally hear Griffin's voice saying that when I read it. I love how he explains it to you just in case you didn't get it. He's so funny. Max is NOT allowed to be asking about Santa like that yet! Doesn't he know he's too young!


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