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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Amigurumi crazy!

If you haven't heard, my latest thing is crochet. This has resulted in watching episodes of House and frantically stitching away, followed by almost peeing my pants because a. House is funny b. I hate to stop in the middle of a project and c. I've had four kids, need I say more? My newest discovery: Amigurumi animals. Amigurumi is Japanese for crochet-stuffed-toys-that-are-cool-and-not-for-old-ladies-who-think-crochet-is-a-interior-design-genre.

First of all, we have this little rectangle monster. He went to my nephew Miles. He likes to squish his face into the monster's face. I like the lop-sided eyes; he's just screaming for a hug. This pattern came from the Lion Brand website.
This little ugly monkey is one I made up after crocheting a ton of these things and figuring out how all the stitches work. He looks addled, like he's got a banana hang-over. I put a pipe cleaner in his tail so it's posable. This one went to my dad for Christmas; really, he asked for one. Xander got a similar one.
This little frog is one of my favorites. He's from the Lion Brand website too. He just looks jolly and as if he could turn into a chubby, yet sweet prince given the right circumstance. He went to Griffin for Christmas and is currently suffering from dilated pupils due to rough treatment. He needs new french knots on his eyes.
I think this is my favorite. This is like the kind of Siamese that would pee on your rug and think it was the litter box. I followed the pattern from the Lion website again, which was a bad idea in the case of the ears, since they don't point. On the other hand, it makes it rather ambigious and Aubrey has the option of pretending she's a lemur or perhaps a chihauha.
Lastly, we have a turtle which I made for Maxton. I like this little guy. He's also from the Lion Brand website (they really do have some cool free patterns).
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  1. I love these, too! Definitely cute-and-not-for-old-ladies crocheting. I could imagine what Grandma Pond would say if you showed them to her... something along the lines of, "Did you realize one eye is bigger than the other on that square thing with arms and legs?" or "Well, you did a good job crocheting, but what is it supposed to be?" I am trying to decide why I'd need one for myself. LOL!

  2. My mother in law just started making amigurumi! I LOVE THESE! they are so stinkin cute, but I can only crochet in lines so far...:( Is there anything you don't excell at Kara? ;) They are crazy cute!

  3. You are making me want to crochet REALLY BAD. (I actually do know how but haven't in a few years...)

    My kids would love these, especially my 15 yo. :D

  4. Those are cute! The monkeys my favorite as well!

  5. Anonymous11:23 AM

    OMG, these are so cute! I know of a good home for the froggy ;) kellibluefrog

  6. Is there nothing that you can't do, woman? Seriously!! :)

  7. The Lemur/Chihuahua is my favorite.

  8. They look cool, Kara! I love to crochet too but I basically only make afghans and sometimes scarves if someone asks me for one. lol

    Keep up the good work!

  9. You make me want to knit. Crochet?

    Like I need another hobby...
    Those are ADORABLE!


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