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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm not as agile as I used to be.

So, as a child, I was quite the monkey, climbing trees and hiding in the top shelf of our linen closet and even using both walls in our hallway and my legs to climb up to the ceiling. So, it was my misguided thought that I could straddle the two short dressers on opposite sides of my closet to get the hammer out of the toolbox on the top shelf. Very stupid idea. It's just that darn toolbox is all the way up there and it's heavy and a pain to put back once I'm done.

I get up with minimal pain, one foot on each dresser, but as I straighten up, I smack the back of my head on the overhang where some vent work goes through. Doesn't feel good, but I mostly recover. I retrieve the hammer. Sweet. Now I need nails in from the tackle box next to the tool box, but with the front turned to face the toolbox, so I have to get it down to get anything out of it.It has two mag lights (yes, the big heavy kind) sitting in front. In trying to maneuver them out of my way, there's really not a good place to move them, and oh did I mention this is the only closet in our apartment (literally) and it is packed, I knock one mag to the floor. Not a big deal. It hits a shoe. I carefully pullout the tackle box, but perched up there, there's just not a good way to get into it. It's going to have to come down with me. I carefully pull it out, managing to leave the 2nd mag light on the shelf.

You know what's coming. I try to get down. I mostly have to jump, because it's fairly high up there. I'm not sure what I did exactly, but I feel a strong, almost sharp, bump in my rump, and in that sudden flash of intuition that comes in situations like this, realize I've nearly tried to sit on the vacuum handle on my way down. Did I mention this is our only closet? And then, as a final parting gift, the second mag light is attracted to the back right region of my head, seemingly by magnetic force. I never touched it.
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  1. I laugh!!!!!!
    I hope you are ok... but....
    I laugh!!!
    I can just hear you telling this.

  2. Very sweet and very endearing. That's my girl. My only regret is that I didn't get to witness it. Wanna do it again to demonstrate? Love ya!


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