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Friday, March 13, 2009

My Thought for the Day (A Serious Post)

Recently, there was a very interesting thread topic on 2peas (that is for those of you who don't know). Faith and religion often get discussed there. And as I was thinking about this particular thread, I had this thought come to me this morning and I shared it there and I feel like sharing it now.

Lately, I've been getting a very frustrating answer to all my prayers. Basically, I get the sense that Heavenly Father is saying to me, "I've taught you well. I trust you and I love you. You don't need to ask me this. You are my child, I've given you intelligence and discernment. I trust you to do what you think is best." For instance, I was praying about whether or not I should go back to school and that was the answer I got. Sometimes, I just want him to tell me what to do! But then I realized that if he is a perfect and loving father, then he is doing it the right way. I've been taught and now I am free to make up my own mind and to make my own decisions. I hope that someday I will do as good a job with my children.

There are very few times in my life when I've had a direct and distinct answer to my prayers. One of those times was when I was trying to decide which college to attend. I was trying to decide between BYU and Utah State. Well, the answer was Ricks (
This was just before it changed to BYU-Idaho). I was pretty shocked, as I hadn't really even considered Ricks, but it was one of the most important decisions of my life and a rare instance when I needed direct guidance. But for the most part, the answers to my prayers are to use my own judgement.

Anyway, I think sometimes the answer is the same with doctrinal issues, not just life choices. I think he absolutely wants us to find our own conclusions and our own peace with it. The gospel is individualized, because we each find our own understanding of it, in the way that is best for our development and growth. I'm not saying their aren't eternal truths, for instance, I believe the atonement of Christ is fixed and eternal, but yet we all use and apply that atonement in the way we need it in our lives.
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