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Friday, April 03, 2009

Bubble Girl!

So, I stayed up late (cough, cough 1:30 am) last night figuring out how to sew a bubble skirt. I took the top of another dress, then sewed the band and the bubble skirt to it. I used only stuff I had on hand. That never happens. The fabric is all from my grandma Jensen.

The black you see at the bottom is a pair of leggings left over from another outfit. I love the way it came out (sorry about the dirtiness, she won't take it off, which of course, delights me).

I was thinking of having this be her Easter dress, so I'd like to dress it up a little. What do you think I should do? I thought about crocheting some small flowers to go around the collar. Or I could do a small bow there. Or I could do a fabric flower at the waist. Any suggestions? Leave me a comment!
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  1. Super cute- you just want to fluff that dress up to it's full bubbliest potential!


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