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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Citrus Halter Dress

It's gray and nasty today, so I thought maybe making a cheerful summer dress would help a little. Yep. So did the cutie who was all smiles about her new dress. Another one where I made up the pattern. It's a bit tight under the sleeves, but that should be pretty easy to fix by taking out the back a tiny bit. Also, pardon the threads everywhere. Guess I need to back and clip them. I'm hoping my serger will be back from the doctors before too long and I can reinforce the ruffle seam. It will also cut off those pesky threads. I also love how she's multitasking. Texting Daddy and eating pizza. She does not like to stand still for these things. I was trying to distract her.
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  1. I'm about to be a grandma,
    tell me you have an Etsy shop or something...I'd love to buy some of your dresses for my granddaughter.


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