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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Question answered. :)

I got a question in my comments! Since I didn't have enough room to really answer it in the comment section, here is a post with the answer (is anyone surprised I needed more room? Anyone?).

How do you create these? I am not looking to swoop in and steal your idea-I just am boggled by it.

No one is more boggled than I am that I can create digital scrapbooking stuff. When I started digital scrapbooking years ago (I'm bi-scraptual, which means I can't commit to either paper or digital), I used to make my own papers, but they were super simplistic. A few years ago, before Griffin was born, I went to UVSC (now UVU) for two semesters and took a bunch of graphic design classes where I really learned to use the Adobe programs: Illustator, Photoshop and InDesign. I also took a typography class which turned me into a font snob. I somehow finangled my way into getting copies of Illustrator and Photoshop, so I use those to make my papers, which I believe is how most digital designers make them.

Most of my drawing is done in Illustrator. I'm not that great with a pen and paper, but I can fake drawing skills a little with Illustrator. I mostly use the pen tool, which is a difficult tool to figure out. I curse at it every time I sit down to make something. Other than the pen tool, they are mostly super simple to do, although time consuming and addicting.

There are so many amazing effects you can do with Photoshop. I know mostly nothing. I love how many digital designers can do amazing things with Photoshop that I can't even begin to emmulate. It's a good thing I like my papers clean and crisp. I'm thrilled that other people like them too.

Some awesome designers to check out!

Thanks for the question! That was fun to answer. If any of you have a favorite digital designer, I'd love to check them out. Tell us about them in a comment! There are so many talented people out there, it's amazing.
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