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Friday, July 03, 2009

Project Progress: Baby Clothes Quilt Week 5

I actually made some real progress this week. Hurray!

Black was a bad choice for a shirt to wear while working. I'm covered in lint. My teeth taste like lint and each tooth is wearing a lint sweater. I probably should stop posting and go brush them, because they are driving me crazy. I cleaned up and that's why the lint was really flying. My mom's dining room is looking much better and less like fabric threw up all over it.A few favorite squares. This cardigan was a part of an outfit which was a gift from Natalie ( you can see her awesome, amazing blog here.) I love it's ruffles and the bow in front. Totally cute!
This is another favorite square. The fabric was from a Gymboree dress that I picked up at Saver's (love that place), for like $4. I adore the fabric. Maybe sometime I will do a digi kit in a similar style.

THE ROWS ARE SEWN! Two more borders and I will be able to say the top is done. I'm loving this quilt. It reminds me of Skittles, with some chocolate chips thrown in. I want to eat it (I guess I already have a little bit, what with my lint-covered teeth). It's super heavy, which I love in a quilt. Again, this is taken in my mom's living room. I wasn't kidding when I said she likes Queen Anne.
I'm currently debating how to quilt it and what I'm going to do for the backing. I'm trying not to spend money in preparation for a trip we are taking this summer (family reunion in California), but I might have to break down and do it. I might piece the back from leftover flannel, but it depends on how much is left after I do the boarders. We will see.
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  1. Your quilt is amazing. The cardigan square is really beautiful

  2. Anonymous3:14 AM

    It is coming out beautifully! I love the concept of using your daughter's outfits and your execution is perfect. The little solid blocks set off the patterned ones perfectly.

    p.s. The picture of your shirt showing the lint on it - Did I miss an announcement? Is that a baby bump or just the way you are standing?

  3. Wow ! the quilt is looking gorgeous !! well done !! what a keepsake !

    PS: It does look like a baby bump alright :o)

  4. LOL. No, no baby bump. It's either the fat bump I'm trying to lose or the way my shirt is stretched. We are done having kids. :)


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