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Friday, July 10, 2009

Project Progress=Zero. Vacation=One.

We have been gone for a week attending a very fun family reunion with David's family in California. Since I've been two states over, I haven't had a chance to work on the quilt. I didn't bring it with me, but I don't think David's family would have been all that surprised if I had. I have a reputation.

Anyway, instead of quilt photos, I have these gorgeous photos from Lassen Park, where we went last Tuesday. It's an amazing place. It used to be a huge volcano, but it exploded, sending rocks all over (we started seeing them surprisingly early on the drive). It left behind what is now a beautiful crater with sulfur pots and scenery.

Over by the sulfur pots we visited:

I was obsessed with the elevation signs. I wish I had known how cool the progression was going to be, or I would have started with the first one I noticed at 2,000 feet. Here's 8, 000:
Lake Helen, a beautiful lake inside the crater:
Summit Lake where we stopped for lunch and my camera died. My sister-in-law Crystal loaned me her point and shoot for the rest of the drive, since she was riding her Harley. I'm not telling which pictures are from which camera.Anyway, we are coming home today. We did a little mini-vacation in San Fransisco and today is our last day. I'd better get going. David is starting to hint that he wants to leave soon.
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