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Monday, September 21, 2009

Crazy School

I'm taking six classes this semester. It's been a while since I took a full load of classes, but I'm basically desperate to finish. I have three semesters left (including this one) if I take them at the full-time level. So, 18 months basically. If I went half time, it would take me three years. That sounds like a long time and I'm ready to have a degree. Crazy thing is, I don't even really want to do anything with it. I just want to have it.

Maybe, once in a great while, I will take out my diploma and stroke it and hiss, "My precious," but that's all I'm planning on doing with it.

I'm finishing up at my original school, BYU-I. They recently introduced an online program for students that have spent some time on the physical campus. This is good and bad. I don't have to do any of my major classes over (good), but I do have to take some classes that are new general education classes, since they restructured the general ed program (bad). I mean bad as in I don't really want to take all these classes, not in that they are a bad idea or bad classes. I'm actually quite enjoying them, even if I wish I didn't have to take them. The one that kills me is English 110. I took English 111 in high school. That was about 10 years ago. Since then, I've taken senior level English classes.

When I left BYU-I in 2004, I had two English classes left to take to finish my major requirements. English 110 is a one credit class, basically to learn more about the English program (which I've already FINISHED) and the emphases available (which I've already FINISHED) and to make an eight semester (EIGHT!) plan, when I have two (TWO!) semesters left and to learn basic English major terms. My adviser tried to get this classed waived for me, but they made me take it anyway. I guess if I want my degree, a certain amount of hoop jumping is required.

So, this semester I'm taking the following classes:
The afore mentioned English 110
English 252
Science Foundations 101
Family Foundations 200 (this is a religion class)
International Foundations 202
Child Development 210

The crazy part is by some synergy constructed by the universe, choosing those classes in this particular semester makes them nearly impossible to tell apart. Let me explain.

In my Family Foundations class, the first unit was on science and religion coexisiting peacefully and the beauty of the creation of the universe. My first unit in Child Development is about the scientific method. My first unit in science was about the scientific method as well, and we've moved on to learning about the big bang theory. In English 252, we are picking a research topic as a group. Since in my group, we happen to be all moms, we decided to pick a topic having to do with child development, which smooshed in my brain with the first few chapters of learning about different grand theories of development in Child Development. Chapter three in my Child Development class is all about genetics and the history and science of genetics, which is confusing the heck out of me. Not the topic, since I'm fairly familiar with how genetics work, but rather my brain can't remember on which class I am working.

I just went to find something related to a video I'm watching. For Child Development. I click on my science course, although I could have just as easily clicked on my religion class on accident.

Thank goodness for the beacon that is International Foundations. So far, it stands alone and apart and has not once crossed wires with any other subject. I love you International Foundations.
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  1. Oh, that is funny! Good luck!

  2. You can do it! I remember how dedicated you were in school too, like coming to class and sitting on a donut thingy two days after having Xander... I thought you were crazy.

    It's too bad you have to do all that over again, but I'm super excited for you!

  3. You've got your hands full! Good luck keeping everything strait!


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