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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

2nd Verse, Same as the First

I feel like I've been neglecting my poor little blog. School just eats up so much of my time. It's interesting that the teaching methods at BYU-I have changed since I was there.

Then: Well, besides my English classes, I remember a lot of reading, memorizing and regurgitation. Now: It's not like that, even in the lower level classes. There are a lot of projects, research and documentation now. It's good and bad. Good, because it's interesting, there is a lot of choice and working together involved, but bad because it takes a lot more mental agility to read analytically, form ideas and try to learn things for yourself. And the time involved! I'm speedy when it comes to reading and regurgitating. I'm slow when it comes to self-directed activities that are methodical in nature. I don't want to miss anything and it nags at me if something isn't clear and I have very high standards, dah-ling, don't you know? Only Target and Baby Gap for me.

I also tend to go overboard. In my religion class, we had a situation that we had to respond to, a list of about six questions, and one of them was about feminism. Well, I got to that feminism one and I could not stop obsessing about it. I actually wrote an essay, complete with researched facts and my own opinions. I think it was supposed to be about three sentences, I wrote about a page and a half. I know, I know, I realize that's just insanity and I subjected my class and my teacher to a lot of stuff they probably did not really want to hear. I have no self control, apparently. And don't even talk to me about time management skills. I have none. Apparently, I live in a land where time is infinite, children don't exist, and my mind is free to run on strange tangents and find exotic new things, much like a Tim Burton movie, but without Johnny Depp. Dang.

In other news (wait for it!), I have started going to the gym. And I don't just watch either. I actually get on the treadmill and sweat. I know, it's shocking. I went last Friday, then again on Monday and then again this morning. Maybe I have H1N1 or something, because that is just not in character for me at all. It feels so good too. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I enjoy it. I don't feel like puking most of the time either. This is huge, much like my butt. Hopefully, that will change, because I've gained back all the weight I lost at the beginning of the summer and I hate it. If I gain any more, I'm going to have to buy new jeans or risk splitting the bottoms of more of my jeans. Somehow, the exercise has not helped. It's hard to overpower the kind of stress eating I'm capable of, but I'm slowly getting a little better. Kind of. I haven't had a candy bar yet today.

So, that's my life recently. Hopefully I will have some cool stuff to show you next time, but I'm not making any guarantees. I'm a bit busy spouting feminism and exercising.
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  1. Aww. Keep at it Kara. :)

  2. "It's hard to overpower the kind of stress eating I'm capable of"


    I'm glad you take the time to update your blog, even with all the crazyness in your life. And I agree, keep it up! You are doing great!

  3. I have nothing but respect for what you are doing right now. I'm amazed how well you are juggling everything.

    So, let me just tell you what I tell my grad student hubby...

    GO! FIGHT! WIN!!

  4. I went back to school after a 20 year break...I think that you gain more from those classes when you've been out in the real world. Keep doing what you're doing, even if it takes more time. You'll gain so much more out of it personally. Hurray for you for trying to establish an exercise routine. I just started one this summer. What you're doing is extremely hard; know that many are rooting for you!

  5. Getting caught up on my blog reading, congrats on the exercising. I'm so impressed!


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