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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I Miss Having a Baby

So, yesterday I was comforting Aubriana, holding her and I can't believe how tall and skinny she is. She's in 3T clothes already (she is two and five months) and they aren't large on her either. I'm sort of in disbelief that I'm never going to have a baby again. I mean, I'm glad. I can barely handle the four I have, but at the same time, I'm going to miss having a baby of my own. I compensate by stealing Graham every chance I get.

So, I happened across this two peas post and I had to respond. Here's what I said (a little edited for the blog).

Xander was such a cute baby. He was smart, smart, smart (still is). He would play peek-a-boo with his burp rag and it was adorable. He would do the actions to twinkle-twinkle little star at 6 months--I can just see his chubby hands doing the twinkle part. When we went out to eat, he was so friendly with the waitresses. He watch them coming and going and charm them to death. I miss that. When he started to get hair, it stood straight up in back. It still likes to stick up back there. I loved watching him grow up. I've always been around babies, but it's different to see them day by day learning things. I was always so eager for him to do things and to get to know his personality.

Maxton was the chubbiest thing. He was so good-natured and sweet. I miss the baby kisses from him (he is still the most willing to give me a kiss). I have pictures of him kissing me at 6 months. He has a dimple and it was a killer as a baby. He was such a talker too! I mean, all my kids have been verbal, but with Xander just a little over a year older than him, he picked up on it so quickly. He was saying 25 words or so at age one. He's always been a little rough and tumble guy. He wasn't afraid to tackle Xander. They were so cute playing together.

Griffin was always entertaining us. At 13 months, he would sing e-i-e-i-oooo and crack us all up. My husband would get him up in the mornings and he would toddle to my bed and wake me up and snuggle with me. I miss getting woken up by a baby in the mornings. He was also determined to walk and tried sooner than all my children. I miss seeing him try to walk and working so hard to catch up to his brothers. Now, he's pretty much done it in most areas, but to see his little face and his little body straining to master things--so cute! He would also climb everywhere. I would find him at 9 months in the window sills. It scared me to death. The other thing he would do was open the bottom drawer in the kitchen and climb in and then he would play for a while, then get all upset when he couldn't get out.

My baby, well, she is just about the cutest thing ever now with all this personality, but as a baby she was a quiet, serious thing--always watching us. You could see her wheels turning. She was also very flexible--like seriously flexible and she would fall asleep bent in half, like she had been sitting up and decided to fall asleep with her head between her knees or doing the splits with her head on the floor in front of her. So darling! I miss gluing bows on her head. Now I have to deal with her hair! I loved those bows and she looked so sweet in them, even if she was lacking in hair. She was an early talker too and she always said "thank you." I loved those little sentences. Now, she comes in to me, and this is a direct quote, and says things like, "Help me put my socks on. It's really hard."

Writing that all out and reading everyone else responses has put me in a nostalgic mood. Ack! Where is Graham? I need a Graham fix.
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