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Monday, March 01, 2010

Share-A-Craft: Crochet Top Dress

Share-A-Craft is just as much fun as a tilt-a-whirl, but with less stomach upset and possible vomiting. Every Monday, I post a project of any type that I've recently or not so recently done. If you want to share right back, I'd love to see what you've been making.

This dress is actually one I made a year ago for Aubrey. Even though she has grown inches and inches since then, it still looks adorable on her. Looking at these pictures--holy cow, I think she's grown at least five inches since I made this for her! Her 3rd birthday is in May and she's been wearing 3T for a while now and is sometimes going into 4T for some of her clothes. She's supposed to be taller than I am and I am 5'9".

The top is cotton yarn and the bottom is sewn to it, just like you would sew any seam, right sides together. I made up the pattern for the top and since I spent a lot of time doing pattern making since then, I think I would make a few small adjustments, such as making the front more shaped in the top with more of an arch along the neckline. Still, I think it works.

The back is pretty simple, with button closures on the straps. I love the wood buttons paired with the fabric.

She wore this to church on Valentine's day and the pinks together made her look like frothy cotton-candy.
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