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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Interior Design Dreams

I am obsessed.

You all know we are in the process of buying a house. I'm obsessed with thoughts of decorating it. I've lost hours of sleep on this already. This morning, instead of doing my math homework, I went virtual shopping and designing. I probably should save this post for when I'm actually going to do something like this, but just for fun, a little of what my mind has been dreaming up.

A sketch of the main sitting area. I'm not sure if the light and rug are too matchy matchy, but I love the idea of it.

Real pictures of the pieces. Love this couch from RC Willey. Obviously, the throw pillows will have to go.
 My plan would have a base of neutrals of creams, tan, chocolate and black, with pops of a brightish aqua blue. Walls would go a rich tan.

Chairs from IKEA.

Rug from RC Willey.

Light fixture from Overstock.

Maybe this one if the first feels too similar to the rug?

Some throw pillows from Pier 1.

Other accents from Pier 1.

The piano wall (sorry, this drawing is a bit worse than the other one).

Maybe a lantern to go over by the piano? (From Pier 1)
One of these bowls from Target for the two that go on the cabinets?

I'm sure I could work this wall art from Target in someplace:

And some curtains from IKEA. Wouldn't they look great with a few blue panels mixed in?
Well, a girl can dream, right? Or, if not that, at least lose a lot of sleep thinking about it all. The other awesome thing about this plan is that it would cost me less than $2000, for a whole room from scratch.
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  1. Very creative design work! I love the use of bright blue with the browns and tans. Great inspiration!

  2. What if you spray painted the light teal (or a new color like yellow)? That would be stunning!


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