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Friday, March 05, 2010

Project Progress: Crafty Organization Week 4

Thank goodness for a quick and easy week. This one is not that impressive, but I think it's going to work for me and it's much tidier.

Ok, a quick couple of before shots:

I keep my letter stickers and regular stickers in page protectors. I have way too many Thickers to try to fit them into a binder and I'm not a fan of the Clip It Up because I have way too much for it to ever be organized that way. I'm still not sure this is the best way to store them, because they aren't very portable. I think that is my main challenge in organization. I love to crop, but I don't want to bring everything (that would be an impossible feat, not to mention heavy), but I don't want to have two systems, yet packing for a crop is worse than packing all six of us for a vacation, and we practically take along the house and our own mattresses when we go someplace. I cannot do the whole "pack light" thing whatsoever. I've tried page kits, but I don't plan that much and it's difficult to pack everything I need, plus I tend to get bored with them very easily. Maybe I will just knit from now on at crops.

Funny thing about this was that I was sort of sad the other day because I didn't think I had that many Thickers left, but then I started gathering them and opened that box and yeah, I have enough for a good while, especially at the rate I've been paper scrapbooking lately, which is like one page a month.

Anyway, sorted them first by alphabet and "shapes" and then by color for the letter stickers and type for the others (rub ons, stickers, journaling spots, etc). Once they were all sorted and labeled, I stuck them back into the box, so stickers are done.

I'm debating what I should do for this next week. I think I will tackle embellishments next. At some point, I need to start thinking about my non-scrapbooking supplies, like fabric, notions and yarn.
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