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Friday, March 12, 2010

Project Progress: Crafty Organization Week 5

I don't know how organized people do it. I have aspirations and good intentions, but I'm at the point when I just want to cram my craft supplies all together, and let the buttons cohabitate with the beads and end segregation between the pins and the letter stickers. Civil liberties for all craft supplies! I would too, if it didn't take me six years to find something when I need it. Maybe I'm just frustrated, because I'm working steadily on this thing and it doesn't look that much better.

Anyway, this week I tried to do a general clean and sort. I would have liked to do this first thing, but there was too much stuff everywhere to begin with and it just felt too overwhelming; perfectionists tend to get overwhelmed easily; or maybe I should say this perfectionist gets overwhelmed easily. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this post right now, because I almost feel like I've been working on it, and neglecting my math class, I might add, and it looks exactly the same.

Well, at least there is floor visible, right?

Arg. I think I need to either get a bigger space (we are working on buying a house that will have a craft room) or get rid of a lot of things (which I don't want to do). I suppose I will try to get it as organized as I can before the move and make decisions like that after I know what kind of space I have to work with.

Where is all this stuff supposed to go?

Anyway, I did move things around a lot. All my fabric and yarn is now stacked on top of the roll-top desk. I put some more layouts away that I found as I was cleaning up. I put away tools. I took my beads from out of the master bedroom and put them into boxes. I moved my magazines from the window sill to the bookcase. I grouped lots of baggies and page protectors together. I put adhesives together. I grouped all the finished mini albums together. I loved the table over to the window. I put photos into the same spot (I'm dreading the week when I decide to tackle the photos). I found another box of letter stickers (seriously, have they been copulating late at night? Normally I'm all for that sort thing, but I've run out of room for them!). I grouped all the Cricut stuff together. I did a lot of dusting. Almost none of the labels are right anymore.  

I will cling to the fact that there is a little table that is clear from stuff.

This next week, I think I'm going to focus on labeling everything and putting embellishments away (that's what those boxes on the table are full of).
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