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Friday, March 19, 2010

Project Progress: Crafty Organization Week 6

Obviously, the cruise has thrown a little bump in my organizational progress. This week was a very light week, but I want to share, because I'm super excited about it.

First of all, I have to apologize for my tone last week. I wrote it before going on the cruise and in a slightly bad/discouraged mood. I usually don't write when I feel like that, since I basically try to limit my dark moods to my own mind and not to the blog, where I try to be basically positive, if a bit wry/cynical. If you don't know already, I have depression which tends to pop up (or pop down, if you want to be more accurate about it) from time to time. It sucks, but I basically have it under control with exercise, but it's not a perfect method. I've tried medications, but nothing has worked for me and I can't stand the side effects, so here we are.

Anyway, on to the positive things! I've been obsessively looking for affordable glass jars to house my ribbons and flowers. They are so pretty that it seemed a shame to have them put away in a drawer. I was seriously considering these jars from IKEA, but I'm not terribly fond of the shape or the lid, but they were the right price at $2.99 and the right size at 61 oz. I have a lot of ribbon.

Still, I couldn't commit to them. Plus, we are lucky enough to have an IKEA about 40 minutes away, but still, driving 40 minutes to buy 15 glass jars seems a bit. . .wasteful to me, but I don't want to pay for shipping very much either. Plus, I can be a bit of a penny pincher and spending $50 on organization all at once was not appealing to me. I feel much better if I spend $10 here and there. Weird, but there you have it.

So, David suggested to me that I buy them a few at a time from Saver's, my local thrift store. I went yesterday, because they have dollar Monday, where all the tags of a certain color are $1. That is the kind of price I can get behind. I was sort of surprised that some of their jars were $5 and $6 dollars, but I managed to find some that were the type I was looking for and the price I wanted. I think I spent about $5 on jars, and the two little ones, I already had. I love the idea of an eclectic collection and I will be buying them a few at a time as I come across them. I have to buy bigger ones though because yellow and purple were my smallest groupings and I have a whole lot more pink and blue ribbon.

The pictures aren't great because, well, we live in a basement and I had to use the flash, but you get the idea. I'm putting them on the top of my bookcase for now, but I plan to put them on shelves once I get into my more permanent place. I took them when I'm still suffering from a bit of vertigo from the cruise and I had to stand on a chair and that just proves how much I love all my blog readers, because I risked life and limb to get that shot (hyperbole, much?).

Much better than plastic baggies, don't you think?
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  1. lol. Mine are in plastic baggies, but yours look so cute that way!

    I also have my tissue paper folded up in big ziplocs. Got an idea for that? I reuse it for gift wrapping.

  2. I love the mismatched look of the jars and ribbon, so pretty!
    Great job!


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