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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Garage Sale and Thrift Store Finds

We had a great Saturday. We got up, puttered around the house a bit, then decided to go yard saling (is that really how you would write that? looks weird, but that's what we say when we go. . .) We hit only three or four, but found some great finds. We got Maxton a bike that is a better fit for him, although still a bit on the large size, because both Xander and Maxton are riding their bikes without training wheels now, which is pretty darn fabulous.

We also went to a free sale that a church was hosting. It was really weird to just walk in a take whatever you felt like.

I got this purse, which I think is so fun. I might end up dressing it up a bit. Wouldn't it be so cute with some flowers of some kind somewhere? How's that for vague?

I think it's smiling at me.

And I picked up this magazine rack. I have plans to dress it up a bit and then hang it by the kitchen table for coloring books and my morning reading. I love it's low profile.

I also got this candelabra for $3. It still has tags on it. I looked around at Shopko and saw a similar one for $40!

I got a frame for $1 at that sale too, but I didn't get pictures of it. Rest assured, you will see it eventually.

Then, later that day, we decided to walk down the main street of our new town to check out the shops and the park. There were a lot of fun shops, including an antique store, a cake decorating shop (score! that will probably come in handy in a few weeks when I make Aubriana's 3rd birthday cake--sniff sniff), a paperback book exchange, and a new thrift store.

It's just a little place, but I managed to walk away with some things anyway.

I got this pitcher for $5. It's calling out for me to make lemonade in it. Maybe someday this cruddy spring weather will turn into a day perfect for lemonade. Saturday was beautiful. Today it is cold and raining.

This tray for $4 (perfect for after school snacks).

And this green glass vase for $2. I have no idea how old it is, but similar ones in the antique shop were more like $15-20. Age is less important to me than the look and I love this look.

Anyway, we had a great time exploring our new town. I'm working on a cute new digi kit, but it's taking so long because it's turning out to be a large kit and my focus has been on doing things for the house. Hopefully I'll get it done for next week.
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