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Monday, May 24, 2010

Tutorial: Fabric Flower Carnation Clip and Pin

It's my first video tutorial. I'm a bit scared to post this, as I'm not too sure how great of a job I did, but I think the essential parts are all there. If you'd like more video tutorials, I could use a little bit of a confidence boost, so let me know what you think.

Anyway, I've seen all sorts of flower tutorials on the web, and I love making them. This is one of those trends that I hope will always stay a trend. I'm bound to be making and wearing them long after everyone else has moved on.

I particularly like these carnation-type flowers. You can see some I made for Aubrey's dress in this post or the above photo, and I've made quite a few more. They work up quickly and all you need is fabric of any type and a needle and thread. I'm making this flower in this tutorial:

Cute, eh? I like to put mine on clips or with pins so they can go on anything and come off just as easily. Sorry for the not too great pictures, but I ran out of daylight yesterday when I was working this, since I had to go over to my sisters house so she could feed me her delicious homemade lasagna. I know, you are all are thinking, Poor, Kara. Yes, I make sacrifices like that all the time. I'm always good to get rid of any extra calories you have lying around. Provided I get to eat them. I'm not exercising for anyone else.

Here's the video. It's not long at just over one minute, so that gives you an idea of how easy they are. You can do the circles just about any size, from about 1" to 4". The larger you do them, the more circles you're going to need to get the fullness.

Once you stitch the rest of the petals on (don't be too picky, as long as they are staying fairly centered, just put little stitches wherever), hot glue a clip or pin or both on and it's ready to wear. I love how the edges fray a little and give it some much texture.

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