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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Blast from the Past Saturday

Today's Blast from the Past is baby pictures of my nephew, Graham. I must be getting really baby hungry, because little newborns at the grocery store are melting my heart. Playing with my nephews, Graham and Winston last week was not enough, even though I was holding one or the other for most of a Saturday. I love babies.

Seriously, I need to get a grip though. I might like to hold them, but there is no way I want another one, and even if I decided I did, it would be a miracle, since we took permanent measures. Don't get me wrong, I'm not regretting it. I think another child would break me, since they tend to grow up and start doing things like peeing on trees, whining without ceasing and not being potty trained for 3.5 years. Love my kids, but four is enough, seriously.

Anyway, Graham is getting so big. A current photo of him now, with Grandma feeding him cake:

Here's the post from June 8, 2009.

Baby pictures! Graham is so dang sweet!

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  1. I have had the baby blues too!! I would LOVE another, but no way is that going to happen!! Wish I could shrink my kids back!!!

  2. Comment Test. That is all.

  3. Aw, look at how teeny tiny he was! I think there should be a company where you rent a newborn for a day or two when you get baby hungry so you can really get it out of your system and not have to have more babies.

  4. Kara, I'm SO with you on the baby thing. We LOVE babies in our house, love, love, love them but like you, we have taken those permanent measures and have never looked back. Although we were just talking about this at the kids school today. One of the Mum's has just had a baby and everytime I see him my heart literally skips a beat. He is gorgeous. He was all snuggy in his stroller and his little shoulders were going up and down with his breathing. Oh lord. I just wanted to smell him and rock him :-(. I just don't have the headspace for another. The second one sent me over the edge for three long years and I knew I was done with the third. It still makes my DH and I sad though but happy in our own selfish way. Time to move on from diapers and sleepless nights................... woohooooo BRING IT ON! LOL.


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