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Friday, June 18, 2010

Project Progress: Kitchen Update Week 5

Such an insane week this was in my kitchen!

I was going so slowly on refinishing the doors and drawers. Part of the reason was that David put away the hand sander and every time I thought about working on it, grabbing the key to the shed and walking ten steps sounded like too much work. Clearly, I need to get back to the gym. Once I actually had the sander in my hands and plugged in, I would sand for hours.

Sanding is gross. I don't think I've ever before felt quite that filthy. Maybe after a week at Girl's Camp.

I finally got up the motivation to get out the sander, and after that, I was focus and got so much done.

Three drawers without their finish:

And stained:


The last big push came the day before my sister was due over with her kids. Mine are mostly out of the get-into-everything stage, but hers are most certainly not. So, I couldn't leave my kitchen looking like this:

Can you say chaos? Seriously, that is craziness! Miles and Graham would have made short work of the bottom cupboards, I'm sure.

So, I did nine doors the day before she was due over, including sanding, staining and coat a coat of poly. They really need one more coat, but I wanted to get them back up before she came. I will probably just take the handles off and do a coat of poly with them still on the hinges since I didn't refinish the backs.

I had blisters on my fingers from putting them all back up, because I was too lazy to get out the drill. I know. I have a talent for bad logic. And making things a lot harder on myself.

Recap time!







Not too shabby! I'm loving my kitchen now. A lot of that didn't strictly need to be refinished, but we all know that story, and they look so good now!
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