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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Share-A-Craft: Toddler Butterfly Backpack

Aubrey is obsessed with backpacks. I believe it's the combination of her adoration of Dora the Explorer and jealousy that her older brothers go to school and she doesn't get to go. She had an ugly backpack she would tote around with her for hours. Of course, when I thought about sewing most of her birthday presents, a backpack was my first priority. She needed one that was cute and actually fit her.

I do believe that this is the most complicated thing I have ever sewn. I probably should have done a little research to figure out how most people sew lined backpacks, but you know me. I like to do things the hard way. I did mostly figure it out, although I'm certain hand-sewing the lining in could be avoided with a little more forethought.

I did end up sewing the straps and the handle on in reverse order, but I figured it didn't impede the function of the backpack, so that meant they were staying that way.

At least I had the foresight to avoid piping, which would have much things much harder.

There are two pockets on the front that velcro, then a zippered pocket, then the main bag.

The butterfly's wings flap and I sewed some beads on it to embellish it. I was really careful to pick a strong thread and really tacked them down, because experience has taught me that if small, round objects are around, Aubrey is sure to stick them in her nose. It also seems my friend Heidi is tangentially involved, as the first time Aubrey explored this particular form of personal expression, Heidi was watching my kids while we were on the cruise, and the second time, I was talking to her on the phone, and the third time, she was due at my house that day. It's a small price to pay for a friend as fabulous as Heidi and it gives me something to tease her about, because apart from inspiring nostril decoration in small children, Heidi is practically perfect in every way.

The fabric and zippers were all thing I had lying around. The flower fabric is a linen, which I actually made a maternity top from when pregnant with Griffin. It was huge on me and I never wore it. The solid purple was from the stash I inherited from my great-grandma Jensen, and the green is some canvas I got dirt cheap at Walmart about a year ago. The zippers are from thrift stores.

I put pulls on the zippers, using thick gauge wire and wrapped loops at both ends, thereby guaranteeing that none of these beads will end up stuck in any nasal cavities.

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  1. That is so cute! Well done. :) I know backpacks are hard work, I tried to make one once and gave up in the end which is very unlike me! It's so cute. :)

  2. You did an amazing job! I have been thinking about making one, but I think it might be beyond me.

    Thanks for linking up with Sugar & Spice.

  3. I can't believe you made that. Wow, you are really crafty! I love it and think you did a great job! I've got a par-tay going on if you want to share it.

  4. Absolutely FABULOUS! I love it!


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