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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Blast from the Past Saturday

Happy Fourth Everyone!

I know you all are probably out celebrating. We are too. Just in case you're not, and you're home bored, or you don't live in the US, here's something for you.

I just had to trim the ends of Aubrey's hair for the first time a month ago. It was hard. I would have squeezed my eyes shut, but that just seems like a poor concept for a haircut. She had so little hair for such a long time. I just trimmed a tiny bit off, and it looks a lot better.

From July 6, 2008

We Have Reached an Important Milestone

She now has enough hair at 13 months to put into a ponytail on the top of her head. I've been waiting for this day for ages. I'm not that good at it and we don't own any bows, but I'm certain those two things will change soon.

She has also started shaking her head yes and no to questions. It's totally adorable. The first time she did it, I could see the cogs in her noggin spinning as she tried to figure out how to communicate that she wanted more food. Then she gave a short nod of her head and looked delighted with herself.

We sat down in church today, and she looks up at the ceiling and says, "Woah! Lights." She also felt it was her duty to make sure every person in the hallway was greeted with a "hi" and a very slight princess wave.
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  1. Adorable. I can't wait to have a girl so I can do a pony!

  2. She looks cute and smart girl. Putting some hair accessories on baby girl's hair is really fun. I hope I also have a little girl.


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