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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some Awesome Garage Sale Finds

In the past few weeks, I've lucked out and hit some amazing yard sales. Stars must have aligned or something. You know, if stars cared about yard sales. Which I don't think they do. Probably too busy with things that really matter, like crops and tides (just kidding, I know that's the moon) and stuff.

It's a nice thing that I've been finding some cool things at garage sales, because other things around me continue to break. I was just saying this on Facebook:
Count of things that have broken since we've moved: AC, dishwasher, laptop (luckily it's the hinges, so it works, just won't close anymore), David's car (it's the alternator, won't even turn on now), and all the tires on the van. It's like living in a farce. :D Maybe I'll get to meet Adam Sandler or Will Farrell.
Yeah, since then, our toaster oven is toast.

'S ok. It will all be ok. We're just going to go through and replace them one by one. Hopefully STUFF WILL STOP BREAKING. Do you hear me, stuff? Knock it off. It's not funny anymore. I can laugh it off for a while, but a little piece of my sense of humor died when my sourdough bread refused to toast at lunch yesterday! IT DIED.

Anyway, onto my cool, cool stuff. I guess if I didn't buy all this stuff, I could have afforded a new toaster oven. I must stop going to yard sales for a few weeks. Duly noted, self.

Ok, first off, we got some toys for the kids. We'd been looking for a Fisher Price garage for a while. It would have been fun to find a really old one, but for $3 this will do:

We did find this adorable washer/dryer set. Maybe it will stop Aubrey from going into the laundry room and hitting the cancel button on our real set?

When we were in Logan, my aunt and uncle were going to hold a yard sale in a few weeks, and they had this globe they gave to us when David said he liked it. I think it belonged to my step-grandpa and it's from the 60s, which is bad for accuracy, but fun to look at. It will match my living room really nicely.

Then, we found this shelf for $5. I'm so excited, because it will worked perfectly in my basement family room. It needs a little makeover if you ask me. The lightly silver spray painted uneven sheen isn't working, and neither is the yellow. So, big plans for this beauty. It's pretty big, probably 5' across.

Also, picked up with shelf for 75 cents. It needs a makeover bad too, but I think it will end up darling.

Also snatched up this little dish for $2 (it had a $10 tag on the bottom). It's a whole lot more French than I usually go, but I love the filigree on the top, and that's the beauty of eclectic. I can just buy what speaks to me.
A whole stack of frames for 25 cents each, and there are some 11X14" frames in there! Sweet!

I also grabbed a cute little farmhouse stool for $2 that needs a makeover and somehow escaped pictures, and the old insulators in this photo, both for $2.50.

And my very favorite find of the both days? This post-war fan.

It was probably manufactured in the late 40s/early 50s. It's got a definite art deco vibe going on. Also picked up for $5. Magic price lately.

I was delighted to get it home and plug it in and find out that it still works. It's super quiet and blows out a decent amount of air.

Of course, there is a serious lack of finger guards here, so I doubt we are going to be using it or even leaving it plugged in at all. It needs some cleaning too, but I looked on up on ebay and the starting price for a similar one was $60. Not too shabby.
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  1. wow!! you got lucky!! i'm so jealous!! especially love the fan & the globe!!!

  2. That fan is great! I have a similar one in my garage that needs SERIOUS cleaning, but it was free from an old farm shed! And I actually use it. :)

  3. LOL I have that washer/dryer set that I bought for my oldest when she was 2!!!!! She is 22 now. I still have it. It has gone thru my other two now. I am keeping it for future grandkids! :)

  4. Great finds! I really love the old fan.

    I am having GW withdrawls today...

  5. These were great finds.

    If you have any halloween projects you would like to share join us over at Spooktacular Inspiration Link Party

  6. That fan is so awesome! I'm really jealous about that. My boyfriend despises yard sales due to years of being dragged about by his mother, so I never get the chance.

  7. Seeing people find stuff like this keeps me going to sales weekend after weekend.


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