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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blast from the Past Saturday

Woah, this post is all the from back in 2005. It's mostly about Xander, who would have been three at the time. He's starting 2nd grade soon.

The expression "popping your poop" endured in our family for quite some time. It did eventually go out of vogue.

I added the pictures so you get a better idea of Xander's age at the time. I was still pregnant with Griffin.

Also, I'm still working on that darn degree. I'm no longer going to UVSC, but back at BYU-Idaho, my original school through their online program. I'm working on my BS in University Studies, a wimpy degree, but at this point, I'm not too picky. I just want one. I have about 24 credits left. I'm chipping away at it slowly. I'm going to get that piece of paper, even if it involves pulling each hair out of my head one at a time. Or fifty more years. Or earning the money by scrubbing toilets with my teeth.

Probably won't have to do any of that, just demonstrating my dedication there.

Oh, and you might be interested to know that I placed top 50 in the Memory Makers Masters contest that year. I still really love the layouts I did, amazingly enough, so I think that's a sign that they were really good.

From August 8, 2005
Xander Said a Prayer All by Himself

Xander said his first prayer without any help today.  I was dying, because it was so cute.  He said, "Dear Heavenly Father. . . . . . .Thank you for church.  Thank you for bath.  Name of Jesus Christ, amen."  I was pretty impressed.  Oh, and Maxton thought Xander was telling him what to say in the prayer, so he kept repeating "Henee fader (Heavenly Father)."

He also has this thing lately where he wants to know what every noise is.  A few weeks ago, he tooted and said, "What's that noise?"  Well, I didn't hear it, so I thought he was talking about the air conditioner blowing.  He just looked at me, and said, "No, that my bum."  He also refers to it as "popping his poop" which I think is a pretty creative description.  We're getting into the stage of fascination with bodily functions.  How long does that stage last?  Like 20 years, right?

The other day we went to the movies and we were the first ones in the theater.  As soon as other people started coming in, he asked me what that noise was.  Then he looked around the theater, and said, "That's lots of friends!"  He was so excited.  He really is a little social bug.

School starts this week for me.  I'm a bit nervous and sort of excited.  I'm taking just two classes at UVSC, a photography class and another design class.  I'm going to start working towards an associates, but we'll see what I really end up doing--I still don't know.  Nothing seems right.  But I'm sure I will enjoy my classes.

I've been super busy lately scrapbooking.  I finished up the five layouts required to enter the Memory Makers contest, and mailed them last Monday.  I'm sure I won't win, but I had so much fun making the layouts and they are some of the best I've ever done.  Just for that, it was worth it.  I would of course, love to win, but there are so many talented scrapbookers out there.  I'm just a very tiny fish.  They said that last year, 680 people entered.  That is a crazy amount, because they only pick 10 to be masters.
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