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Friday, August 20, 2010

Project Progress: Kitchen Update Week 11

This week is basically a quick post to show off the chairs I've finished so far. I've got five done. You can check out my first finished one here, along with the before pictures if you didn't catch the first post.

They look darling in my kitchen. Just what I pictured.

I cannot wait to get all six around the kitchen table! I have eight chairs, but two of them hang out in my craft room most of the time.

I love how they pick up the colors in the wall art. The navy bowl in the center was a wedding present, and the teal bowl in it was from my great-grandma and it looks charming as a center piece, particularly when filled with green apples.

I still really want to get new light fixtures and curtains. I have not a single curtain in my entire house. Luckily, there are nice blinds on most of the windows, but there is a horrible lack of window treatments.

And, I need to finish up my rag rug. I've been working on it, but like I said last week, that is taking much longer than I anticipated.

I also want vintage metal stools for the breakfast bar. I bought one and it's perfect, but I want three more, all different styles. I'm hoping I can figure out a way to get all the things that I want. I usually can. I'm very crafty (I mean this in the stealthy, cunning way this time) when I want something. And I want to finish this kitchen makeover and complete the whole vision of the thing.

On the other hand, I must not get too caught up in decorating fever. There are more important things. Hard to think what they are at the moment. Humm. . .

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  1. Your kitchen is coming together so nicely!!! I have enjoyed watching the process!!! Your creativity just astounds me!!! I am glad you are having fun with all of this!!

  2. Beautiful kitchen! I love the fabric you picked for the chairs.


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