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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I Am Really Dying to Sew, Only. . .

My sewing machine is broken. I found a ton of totally fab patterns from the late 60s at a garage sale a few weeks ago. For five cents each. In my size (or really, really close to it). I'm itching to sew one.


What did I do to deserve this? My mom gave me her old (as in practically antique) Bernina--you know, the kind that are all metal, and built like tanks, and designed to last for 300 years, maybe longer if they keep making the parts and if you regularly and tenderly feed it oil. It's the machine that I learned to sew on when I was a little girl. As soon as she gave it to me, the cord from the foot petal pulled out of the back (I don't want to point fingers, but there are four children around here--I'm just saying). I've tried to see if I could find a replacement foot petal online, but they look like they might be expensive--like more than $50.

And, my digital SLR has definitely died. Well, maybe not died, but it's not healthy. It reminds me of the coughing you see in historical movies; you catch a glimpse of red on a white hanky. You know this person has consumption, and that he or she is doomed--he or she will expire before the end of the film in a very dramatic and tear-filled manner. I'm afraid the end is likewise nigh for my camera.

When I take a photo, half of it is dark. Anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? I'd love to upgrade, but I'd also like to have a working camera. I was about to take photos of all those fab patterns when it died--or caught consumption. Whichever. It's especially annoying, because I was hoping to replace my laptop, since I use it for all my schoolwork. The laptop is still functional, except it doesn't close anymore. And the screen has started threatening to break off from the rest of the body. It's making really loud threats. Curse words are involved. It's a bit scary.

You'd think with the way things break around here that I torture them, or throw them around, or drop them off the Sears tower (except, I don't think they call it the Sears tower anymore--what is UP with that? Pretty soon they are going to start changing the Eiffel Tower to the Rolex Tower and the Statue of Liberty to the Statue of Liberty Mutual).

I know I'm probably not as careful as I should be, but I think things should stand up to normal use. I shouldn't have to treat them like they are made of blown glass or spun sugar. It's all cacluated by corporations, who want things to only last so long, so then you'll have to go out and buy a new one. Perhaps I'm feeling a bit bitter as I'm surrounded by all bits of the breaking things right now. Have to blame someone.

Except, I have to admit that my Bernina was made when things were made to last. I think I might be able to figure how to fix it myself. But first, I need to clean the craft room. Because I can't actually reach it. I'll keep you updated.
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  1. I'm so sorry about all the breakage! A few years ago, my sewing machine and I had a humongous argument where we both ended up in our respective ER's. It wasn't pretty, but luckily we're now on much better terms. :)

    I hope it all gets square for you soon!

  2. Wow. Sounds like you are having a little bad technology karma. Sending healing waves your way...


  3. Kara - I had a camera do that to me some time ago and the manf was able to repair it for me. The inner shutter wasn't working properly. Hope that helps!
    (cuz I wanna see that fabric!)


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