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Monday, October 04, 2010

My Late 60s Pattern Goldmine

Ok, so I got my act together (by avoiding homework; I'm 28 and still as much a procrastinator as ever, I've given up ever thinking I will grow out of it), and took pictures of my patterns using my point and shoot. It's not so bad for things like this. Pictures of the children, never happy with. Pictures of inanimate objects that don't move or change facial expressions or dart into low lighting conditions, not so bad.

If you missed the previous post where I mentioned these, I picked them up at a yard sale a few weeks back. They were a STEAL at five cents each. I think whoever bought them has great taste. I really want to try one (as soon as I get my sewing machine situation sorted), but I'm not sure how I'm ever going to decide which one to try first!

They might be a size smaller than I would pick if I was picking based on my measurements, but I think I can work around that fairly easily.

So, if you were picking, which one would you do first? I've numbered them for easy reference.

This one is darling, but it's girl-sized, so while I might make it for Aubrey, it's not in the running for me (obviously).

I LOVE that coat in 8, although I would probably skip the pockets on the top and do an applique or something else (maybe add a yoke?) there instead. I adore 11 and 3, but I've already got a similar dress in my wardrobe, so I might hold off on one of those until a 3rd or 4th project. . . Isn't it funny how suddenly we get the 70s style with the long dress and the pointed collar in 2? I looked up the year on most of them when I could find them and I think that pattern is from 1970. They are from 1966-1972. I was expecting 1 to be from the 50s, but it's a 60s pattern too.

So, what do you think?
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  1. I love Number 1. Especially in red. Great find!!


  2. I love the short sleeved #3 and # 11- but I really like #1 because it's so iconic. :)

    I wish I wish I had one of these... :) Wherever did you find them?

  3. Ok- obviously I didn't get enough sleep because I read your post before commenting and forgot about where you got them by the time I commented... zzzz... :P

  4. My first impulse was the jacket in #8 too. I also love the dress in #1 and #7

  5. Number 3, the dress with the short sleeves, or number 6 the ruffle top, lurve!


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