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Friday, October 22, 2010

Project Progress: Hexagon Quilt

Yes, another week has come and gone and all I've managed to post is another update on my quilt.

It's not that I haven't been doing other crafty stuff. I have. It's just super-secret-crafty stuff that I can't share yet, because it's super-secret. I haven't done any super-secret stuff in a while and it is KILLING me not to share.

I clearly need to do more crafting, so I can share more on the blog and save my arteries.

However, I still have been sewing my fingers to the bone on my hexagon quilt. There hasn't been actual blood yet, but I have stabbed myself a few times, and I get a lot of hand cramps. I try to just shake it off and keep going. David and I had an argument the other day after I'd been sewing for hours and watching Vanity Fair. I got a case of the hand trembles. I said it was because I was getting a migraine and need chocolate, and he said it was because I'd been doing too much close and delicate work with my hands. No one won, because our arguments are more like mild disagreements, and we both go away thinking we are right and rolling our eyes in our heads at each other. Except, if David is reading this, I never, ever roll my eyes at you, not even in my head, because you are the best man in the entire universe and I love you and respect your opinion and you might have been right about my hand trembles and I love you. Smooches. (I know know you just rolled your eyes at me! Ha! Caught you!)

So, here's the progress I've made on my quilt so far:

It's getting bigger! I'm thinking I might be half of the way done by now. Maybe? We shall see. I'd like to step it up this week, but we'll see. If school and laundry and birthdays and zoo trips and Primary programs and Halloween costumes didn't keep getting in my way, I could get a lot more done. Not that those things aren't important, but it's impossible to look at elephants and hand sew. Just saying.
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  1. So, you're looking at elephants too?

  2. Only when I go to the zoo. Usually.

  3. lol. It looks great!!!

  4. My husband and I argue like that too. Much rolling of the eyes. He would appreciate it if I would actually finish a project. I would appreciate it if he would give me the spare bedroom for project storage.


    BTW- The quilt is BEAUTIFUL!


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