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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Where Are the X-Box and DVD Player?

One of the reservations I had about putting a TV in our bedroom was that it usually comes with a lot of accoutrements. Accoutrements that usually have little lights that glow and clutter up the area about the TV. The above photo is missing the little lights and clutter. So, where did we put all that clutter?

Well, this is not my idea. My friend, Natalie, from Get Scatty, had this idea for her own house, but she ended up not using it.

We hid it in the top drawer of one of the dressers. First, we reinforced the particle board of the dresser with a board behind drawer supports/slat/trim between the drawers (whatever that part is called), because it wasn't exactly strong. We used a long piano hinge that turned out to be the exact correct length. I'm planning on painting it to match, but it's still fairly unobtrusive. I was hoping we could hide it, but with the way the drawer is situated, it didn't work.

Then David put in a sliding drawer and magnet closure. The cords go up through a hole in the back of the dresser.

I always think these are going to be quick projects, but this took a good part of a Saturday. David did most of the work, although I helped. It's so worth it though and the cool part is that the X-Box controls work through the drawer, so we don't even have to leave it down! You can even turn it on without flipping it down. We use the X-Box as a DVD player and watch Netflix instantly through it, so that is very convenient.

Even though I had to give up a drawer, it's so worth it for the clean surface of the top of the dresser.
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  1. Super cool idea!! :)

  2. breciosa decoracion ,un besin

  3. The black dresser matches the glossy LCD TV screen. It's nice to have it so you can keep the mess out of sight.

  4. This is one way to keep the television cord out of sight. As for our DVD player, it's in our garage gathering dust. By the way, where did you buy that cabinet?

  5. Cheap, but impressive. In my home, however, I use a sliding glass cabinet to store my ps3.
    home theatre brisbane

  6. Wow! I love that cabinet. I like the idea of putting those xbox and other equipment inside the drawer. What a genius idea.


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