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Monday, September 12, 2011

Bamboo Blinds

Alas, today is my first day back at college. Which means, my very fun summer is over. Sad face. But, I have the very small number of only 12 credits left. I have debated, made my mind up and changed it back so many times this summer over the question of whether to go full time this semester and finish already or to finish up gently and go half time this year. I'm STILL not sure. I've been going to college for 10 years on and off and I want to be done! However, if I go half time, less stress, I could maybe get a part time job from home, I can defer my student loans a little longer. On the other hand, I could be done in time for Christmas and graduating would be the very best Christmas present in the entire history of the world. It seems surreal that I could actually have a college degree.

On the other hand, going half time would leave me free to do other things, like admire my bamboo blinds and make really horrible videos featuring them. I think the voice over isn't too bad, but the visuals leave much to be desired. But, shaky, dark video aside, I still saved a ton of money.

Humm, maybe the pictures weren't too bad after all. Here are the pictures:

Super inexpensive bamboo blinds--a garage sale find!

You can see something else I haven't really shown you yet: my yellow ceiling. I was really worried when I painted it that it would be overpowering, but it's not at all. Phew. I picked the right color. The thing about light yellows is that they tend to turn buttery creams quite quickly, especially with the palette I chose, so I managed to pick a yellow that still reads yellow, yet doesn't turn mustard or sickly in any light.

Super inexpensive bamboo blinds--a garage sale find! without curtains

Still can't believe my luck at finding these for $4 a piece! It makes my cheap little heart sing.
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  1. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Love the bamboo blinds and drooling over your curtains!! Good luck with school!! You're almost done, yay!!

  2. Unless you're able to find a part time job in your career field, I say go for full time and get 'er done! Otherwise you'll have to look for a part time job, and then look for another one a year from now. And let's face it. Job hunting is no fun. - I love a good buy on the blinds, and I agree with frillyfabulous - the curtains are awesome!


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